Searching for Shadow City is about finding mystery in the mundane places we often overlook. It’s about searching for connection in a sea of solitude. It’s about the increasing tension between society and individuality. These photos were photographed all over the world but they do not tell a singular story–instead they ask viewers to interpret and project their own experiences into them. Searching for Shadow City will introduce the themes we will explore in continuing visual projects: complex, nonlinear narratives that hover somewhere between imagination and reality, rural and urban, light and dark.

The first phase of #S4SC will be released in three chapters comprising of 100 unique photos; each are minted as 1/1 NFT editions.

  • Chapter One: Red Pill, October 2021
  • Chapter Two: Blue State, November 2021
  • Chapter Three: Ghost Factory, December 2021
  • Phase 2 of #S4SC will be released in 2022

An armistice is a truce between two opposing sides in a war and S4SC is the first NFT collection by Armistice, a New York City storytelling collective by photojournalists Ryan Christopher Jones and Jonah Markowitz. The two are regular contributors to the New York Times, ProPublica, The Guardian, and the Washington Post, and many of the photos in S4SC were made while on assignment.