Using portraits to explore humanity, connection, and trust

In this online workshop, visual journalists Ryan Christopher Jones and Jonah Markowitz will discuss the important role of portraits in documentary photography. We’ll look at how gaze, gesture, connection, trust, and respect all go into making an effective and thoughtful portrait, and we will discuss our approach and techniques for creating meaningful portraits for publication and personal use.

In this workshop we will be looking at the history of photographic portraiture, watching a live portrait shoot and edit, and critiquing portraits from the live workshop participants. You can purchase access to the recording, which includes all the workshop materials: PDF of Keynote presentation, portrait shooting guide, and access to the video of Jonah’s live shoot.

If you would like to purchase the workshop recording, please send $360 payable to on PayPal or @ryanchristopherjones on Venmo

Our visual stories have been published in The New York Times, ProPublica, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Der Spiegel, The Chronicle of Higher Education, CNN, The Intercept and many others.